Chicago Design

The Terra Foundation initiative Art Design Chicago has made 2018 an absolutely tremendous year to see, experience, appreciate, and learn about the rich, impactful, complicated histories of art and design in Chicago. November is shaping up to be quite a month for design history in particular. Three exhibitions will shed new insight into significant aspects of Chicago design history: Chicago Cycles: 150 Years of Bicycle Design and Innovation at … Continue reading Chicago Design

Bertoia! Bertoia! Bertoia!

I am quite thrilled to say that I am now on research leave, which will last through the 2017-18 academic year. This means that I will not only finally have some time for new Sculptural Things blog posts, but also for two new and substantial projects, both focused on the amazing and all-too-undervalued American postwar artist/ sculptor/ designer Harry Bertoia (1915-1978). Bertoia has occupied a lot … Continue reading Bertoia! Bertoia! Bertoia!

New year… new project

Another school year is almost here–my second as an Assistant Professor at Keene State College. The summer was a time to decompress but also continue to advance, and in some cases complete, projects for the Tate, Art History, Sculpture Journal, History of Photography, a co-edited volume on postwar Italian art/art history, and a large-scale exhibition on Harry Bertoia at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas that I will be … Continue reading New year… new project