New Publications

Two exciting publication updates to begin the summer!

I contributed an essay on the reception and collection of work by the English sculptor Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003) in the United States to Lynn Chadwick: A Sculptor on the International Stage (2019). Chadwick specialist Michael Bird edited the beautifully illustrated book and also contributed the wonderful lead essay. Available now at via Scheidegger & Spiess, Amazon, and other booksellers.

Also available now, is my article “Sculpture and Sound in the Windy City: Harry Bertoia’s Standard Oil Commission,” featured in Public Art Dialogue 9, no. 1 (2019). The special issue, edited by Charles Eppley & Åsa Stjerna, is dedicated to “Soundsites: Experiments in Sound and Place.” My text examines Harry’s Bertoia’s contribution of multiple tonal sounding sculptures to the outdoor plaza of Edward Durell Stone’s Standard Oil Building in Chicago, installed in 1975.


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