Middlebury College Lecture – February 25th

I am thrilled to be giving a lecture at Middlebury College on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. The talk will begin at 4.30pm.

“Materializing a Modern Italy: Gio Ponti, Internationalism, and the 1961 Esposizione Internazionale del Lavoro”
Lecture by Dr. Marin R. Sullivan, Keene State College. The Esposizione Internazionale del Lavoro (International Labor Exhibition)[EIL] was a main component of Italia ’61, the international exhibition celebrating the centenary of Italy’s unification staged in Turin during the summer of 1961. Held in a building designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, the EIL was meant to showcase the importance of Italian industry alongside entries from other nations. Exhibition designer Gio Ponti organized the Italian display around the theme of “The Evolution of Form” as it related to ten different industries or aspects of the modernizing nation. Sponsored by the Department of History of Art and Architecture and the Johnson Enrichment Fund. Free

For more information, see http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/harc/news#/?i=1


One thought on “Middlebury College Lecture – February 25th

  1. Hi Marin, Will your lecture be onYouTube? Or will you circulate a pdf/powerpoint….? I hope you are enjoying your time (in spite of the usual overloads of an assistant professor) at Keene State.

    I’m reading your 2013 paper on Sculpture and Photography closely since it overlaps strongly with my own interests & experience . . . I’ll try to formulate my reactions and, if it seems appropriate, send them along/ Cheers, Jens

    Recent work at this link: sculpture website upgrade


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